About oil treatment technique

With oil treatment technique, direct contact with the wood surface can be retained.

The oil treatment of the floor is made in such a way that the wood is impregnated with the oil and the combination of the particular oil and the wood itself gives the floor its surface strength.

Apart from a hard wearing surface, the oil treatment gives you other advantages which are: Pleasant living environment, maximum regulation of the natural humidity through the open structure of the wood, a long lasting beautiful floor where scratches and marks are easily repaired with organic cleaning products for the maintenance. In order to ensure the long lasting beauty of your floor, maintenance guidelines in the enclosed pamphlet should be observed.

The floor should be cleaned by using a vacuum-cleaner or brushed. If required, wipe with a damp-dry (well wrung) cloth. Use a mild soap or similar cleaning agent. Any water spilt accidentally must be wiped off immediately. 

Maintenance Oil

Some floors are pre-oiled from the factory which means that they have been treated with a certain quantity of oil for protection of the floor.

After installation of such a floor we recommend as follows: In areas with heavy use, it is advisable to treat the floor with Maintenance Oil natural or white. In private homes with lesser traffic, the floor should be cleaned with Soap natural or white.

Routine Cleaning

Protected by 7 coats of technically advanced durable lacquer, KLK flooring is easy to maintain.

Normal brushing/vacuum cleaning and wiping with a damp piece of cloth from time to time will ensure that the floor retains its beauty.


To avoid premature wear, use mats at entrances to ensure dirt and grit are minimized. Sections of the entire floor can be re-lacquered as required following a fine sanding if the surface has been dulled by heavy wear or many years of use.

Floor Protection

Use felt pads to chair and furniture legs and place doormats at all entrances.


KLK flooring is suitable for most situations but not recommended for bathrooms, utility laundry rooms or any areas subject to regular wetting.